Planning Department


The Planning Department provides planning expertise and support to the Planning Board, Land Management Planning Committee, Economic Development Committee, Board of Selectmen, and Town Manager, as well as other ad hoc committees. 
Applicants to the Planning Board are encouraged to meet with the Town Planner prior to filing applications. Appointments are encouraged to assure that we are available to meet with you.
Comprehensive Plan 
The voter's of the Town of New Gloucester passed a revised Comprehensive Plan on June 8, 2021. The plan was accepted by the State of Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry for January 6,2022 .The plan can be found here. Hardcopy is available in New Gloucester Town Hall. Please contact the Town Planner, if you have additional questions. 
Upper Village Master Planning 
At a special Town Meeting in 2015, voters supported both a resolution endorsing the Town's ongoing Upper Village Master Planning effort and zoning refinements for the area aimed at fostering village-oriented development there.  Since that time, the Land Management Planning Committee has developed a series of voluntary design guidelines for the Upper Village (see sidebar to right), which have been endorsed by the Planning Board as a working draft.  The master planning effort for the Upper Village will continue to evolve as the town makes decisions regarding the construction of a new public works facility and seeks to form private/public partnerships for redevelopment in the area. 
The most recent draft plan can be found in the sidebar to the right under Upper Village Master Plan 2015.  

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Town Planner

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